Traveling is fun,it is learning,it is liberating ,etc etc.

But now it is time to give back. We all try to give back in some way or the other,by making a donation,supporting an orphanage ,celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, by feeding the poor,Christmas etc.. But in the long run donor’s fatigue sets in and then for some reason or the other we stop giving. GoldFish Trails will help people who want to support a worthy cause without feeling the pinch.

As you all know, the last two years has been life changing for me.With my Coimbatore to London Drive- XPD 2470, I've been able to connect with a large number of people in different walks of life . My social media presence has increased manifolds and I am able to impact people's lives in small but significant ways.My outlook on life has shifted dramatically.

The “ C ” word has been a disease that I always feared . Cancer has claimed multiple members of my family and a close friend as well. When I learnt that Cervical Cancer can be prevented with a simple vaccine for HPV,I realised that I can actually do something about it. Cervical Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among Indian women.India reports about 122,000 new cases of cervical cancer annually ,with around 67500 women succumbing to the disease . The two preventive strategies for cervical cancer include screening and vaccination .Western countries have taken cervical cancer very seriously for more than 40 years now and every woman living there is compulsorily screened and most of the countries have made this vaccine as part of their FREE immunisation program. Unfortunately in India that is not the case. This is the least spoken about Cancer and awareness is almost zilch.

In my capacity I have already help vaccinate my household staff’s daughters and not so well to do girls in my locality.The vaccine best works when it is administered between the ages of 9-26 years.

My goal with GoldFish Trails is very simple and straightforward . I run and operate an NGO by the name RR TRUST ( 80G & 12A tax exemption ) which has already been working for many years now in the fields of education,sports ,health and empowerment of women and the girl child .The GoldFish Trail Key Ring is born from this urge to help vaccinate as many girls as possible .

With my love for travel and seeing the large number of people travelling all over the world, I wanted to create something simple and real.

Every Goldfish Trail Key Ring is carefully handcrafted and every Ring is punched out and laser cut keeping in mind that it is meant to be giving back and help save a life.

Every GFT Key Ring you purchase will help give a girl a cancer free life.